Queseria de Tierras de barros

Natural cheesemaking
In Quesería Tierra de Barros, we are proud of our product, and we are delighted to Mostar and perform with care and dedication their development, from the first to the last step, to achieve a final product of exquisite quality and that is not lost. Read on and find out how it is made one of the best dishes of Extremadura ...
The collection of the freshest milk
Our milk comes from the best farms, sanitary controlled, ensuring the traceability process to the final consumer.
The sheep are fed using traditional methods.
The milk is collected under isothermal tanks. The requirements for a good transfer of milk, are to remain cold, open air and a mechanical treatment as smooth as possible, so it is advisable that the tanks are filled during transportation to avoid shaking and breaking milk molecules.

Cheesemaking ground Barros

Preparation and addition of rennet
The coagulation of the raw milk produced by the addition of infusion of wild thistle, known locally as "Hierbacuajo" feature of the Tierra de Barros wild plant. The temperature of coagulation of the milk end product depends on the desired outcome 35ºCy ranging between 25 ° C and the clotting time depends on the coagulation temperature and the initial characteristics of milk.
Curd cutting and draining
Once the curd is subjected to successive cuts to obtain the desired grain size, separating into two phase thus being free whey.
The curd is subjected to successive cuts to facilitate draining and achieve the desired texture by the cheesemaker.
Moulding and Pressing
Once the whey removed, the curd is molded plastic with the right size for the cheese, once matured, submit the form, dimensions and peculiar weight thereof. Once the curds into molds is pressed.
The cheeses are subject to a proportional presado to face and thin and smooth contours.
Importantly, salty cheeses are manually performed to give better care and taste the same, always using common salt.


The cheeses are ripened on pine boards for a period not less than 60 days.
During the ripening period dump practices necessary to apply the cheese and acortece ventilate well on both sides thus acquiring the characteristics of a good cheese characteristics.
Its purpose is to prevent the cakes do not lose their shape during the maturation process and thus prevent the cream from spilling.
The bandages will be changed as many times as necessary, in order to avoid off-flavors in cheese and bad crusting.
As you can see, a careful and lengthy process of a product is obtained Gourmet, for many a unique cheese, that yes, there will reveal the secret that makes it unique and unrepeatable ... That you have to find out!